Pre-planning Your Funeral –
Just A Thoughtful and Modern Approach

Arranging a funeral is an intensely personal affair. Making decisions during emotionally turbulent times can be both confusing and distressing.

However, worry not – we have efficient, hassle-free solutions to help guide you through this process.

Families have diverse preferences for commemorating their dearly departed.
Some may opt for no service, while others choose ceremonies in chapels, gatherings at cemeteries, or time-honoured church services.

Numerous options must be considered, and an array of questions need to be addressed before the necessary legal documents can be finalized. Our team is here to assist you with every detail, providing comprehensive support as part of our service.

By thoughtfully selecting your preferences and completing the paperwork in advance, you can alleviate the burden of last-minute decision-making from your family during a time when their focus should be on healing.

Rest assured that the information you entrust to us will be securely stored and readily available for prompt action. A single phone call is all it takes to set your carefully planned arrangements into motion.

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Just what are Funeral Bonds?

A funeral bond is a capital guaranteed investment whose purpose is to meet funeral expenses.It is a secure investment held in your name. You can pay a lump sum, or open a bond with a smaller amount and have a savings plan, where money can be paid from your bank account.

Monies held in a funeral bond are not considered part of your assessable assets, and bonus payments paid on the investment are not assessed as part of your income for pension purposes. Setting aside money in a funeral bond is a sensible financial decision. It provides peace of mind knowing you are not passing on future expenses to family or friends.

  • The bond grows in value as it enjoys annual bonuses.
  • Monies are held in your name in the funeral benefit fund, Foresters Friendly Society.
  • It can help maximise pension entitlements as monies invested are not deemed part of your assets, nor are bonus payments considered part of your income for pension purposes.
  • You can invest as little as $25 per month when making regular contributions.
  • You can stop making payments at any time and the money is still there in your name.
  • A funeral bond can be taken out in joint names.
  • You can nominate your preferred funeral director.
  • Your investment is portable and moves with you should you change your place of residence.
  • You can take out the optional Prepaid Travel Care Plan.

Just what about Funeral Insurance?

Funeral insurance can be good option, especially if your life expectancy is short.

When considering funeral insurance, remember that you must continue to make monthly payments up to the age of 90 (or until your death).

Failure to make one monthly payment can cancel your policy, and there are no pension advantages with insurance.

Already have funeral insurance?
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