Cremation Perth

Affordable Cremation Costs & Packages

We promise to simplify the details, to make this difficult time easier for you.

We offer a free transfer service, from your home to our care facilities, 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

You will have a quality professional and courteous cremation funeral service, the equal of any in Perth, at a fair and reasonable price.

Our transfer staff are full time professionals. We do not use outside contractors. Your loved one will never leave our care.

Below is more about each cremation funeral package.

Cremation – No Service

For those who do not want a formal funeral service. Includes viewing, viewing coffin, 24 hour transfer, all paperwork and certified death certificate.

Cremation – Chapel Service

The most popular choice for families. Includes viewing, no time restrictions, parking at the door, catering available, 24 hour transfer and timber veneer coffin.

Cremation-Cemetery Service

A traditional funeral service held in the cemetery chapel, includes 24-hour transfer, veneer wood coffin, hearse and staffing.

Church/Alternate Venue

A traditional funeral service held in a church or cemetery, includes 24-hour transfer veneer wood coffin, hearse and staffing.