as our name suggests, we believe in providing
just and fair services to all our clients.

Our journey began three decades ago when we examined the funeral industry in Perth and saw that funeral homes were following the same expensive traditional practices that had remained unchanged for over a century. We knew we had to make a change, but we didn’t want to compromise on quality.

That’s when we founded Just Cremations Funerals Perth, with the goal of creating a premium brand that offered affordable services. Our aim has always been to provide professional and courteous funeral services to the people of Perth at a fair and reasonable price. As it turns out, many people in Western Australia share our philosophy and prefer a simple and dignified approach to saying goodbye without the added fuss or expense.

As a member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association.
Just Cremations abides by a strict code of ethics to ensure quality facilities and professional staff and maintain a high standard of service.

We are part of the Propel Funeral Partners network, which operates funeral homes, cremation facilities, and cemeteries across Australia, New Zealand, and the Australian Capital Territory.

If you are looking for funeral services that reflect your values, we invite you to explore our website or contact us at 1800 65 35 95 (free-call).


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