Memorial Inspiration Ideas to
Celebrate the Life of Your Loved Ones

LONITÉ , the Pioneer of Memorial Diamond Innovation.
Memorial diamonds are forever. LONITÉ turns human hair and cremation ashes of your loved one into diamonds in Australia.

StardustMe Provide space memorial flights to celebrate life. Ashes are launched into orbit onboard SpaceX rockets to be placed amongst the stars to look back down on loved ones and seed the birth of new stars. Affordable memorials flights to the stars and beyond.

Immeryours ® creates Fine Art Memorial Keepasake Jewellery for you right here in Australia. We handcraft precious keepsakes by turning remains into family heirlooms. Whether it is a beloved family member or a treasured pet, our keepsake designs can help to continue a loved one's story and let this story live on beyond death.

Ashes To Ashes offers a unique yet personal way to commemarate the loss of a loved one by scattering their cremated ashes high into the sky by way of a beautiful and spectacular fireworks displays.

Cremation ash tattoos are a unique way to remember loved ones by combining a small portion of their remains with traditional tattoo ink. This personal tattoo can serve as a lifelong tribute to your loved one and a way to keep them close to you.

When hung from a tree or nearby verandah, every time a gentle breeze passes by you'all remember a loved one is not far. A unique memorial that gives voice to the wind and will keep on giving, and with a little TLC, will last for generations.

Our handmade cremation keepsakes are a beautiful way to remember a loved one. We carefully and tastefully encase ashes in tactile and ornamental objects and jewellery that are designed to be touched and treasured.

Living Legacy Forest, located in Wellington Dam, National Park. Experience the rich flora and fauna of the iconic area Wellington Dam for yourself and choose your memorial tree and enjoy a visit to the Living Legacy Forest.

The Living Urn. The patented Living Urn is Australia's first and leading bio urn & planting system designed to grow a beautiful, enduring memory tree, plant, or flowers with cremated remains!